Now, look professional and stylish with our exclusive range of Lawung clothing for men from Modesty Collection. Featuring one of the largest collections of men’s thobes, you can scroll through any size, colour, pattern, or design you may want. Our Al Ameer thobe is designed to fit perfectly and is made up of the best-in-quality fabric which stays the same as when new for a long time. The stitches are professionally hand-sewn, and hence they don’t tear apart.

¬†Available in many vibrant colours, the thobes are great outdoors, formal functions, and even joining Eid prayers. Similarly, our unique chest panel design and toughened collar with solid brass buttons are a must-have for every men’s wardrobe.

Want to buy premium Lawung clothing for you? Check our exclusive collections of Lawung clothing; they are available at the lowest price in the market. Buy your favourite ones before they stock out.

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