Prayer Mat (Janamaz)

Reap the rewards and blessings of prayer  with our specially manufactured prayer mats arriving with the most advanced and adaptable features. Made up of the best quality materials, the prayer mat is extremely soft on the body, causing no risks to your skin. Moreover, when used regularly, the mat helps smoothen the process by reducing pressure on joints and therefore ensuring an optimized blood flow all over the body. Moreover, thanks to its anti-slip resistance, there is no risk of slipping as the mat stays uniformly attached to the ground unless picked up.

Available in many bright and light colours, all of these prayer rugs are available at a budget-friendly price. So, if interested, make sure to check out our reviews and what our happy customers have to say about us before clicking on the ‘Purchase’ option.

Buy these limited edition Prayer Mat/Prayer Rugs before they stock out. They are perfect for gifting someone special as well. Buy them now!

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