The Quran (Uthmani / Persian script)

Modesty has been a well-known company selling products in bulk for many years. This company sells many different products; Modesty’s book collection is vast; it includes a variety of different books.

Modesty’s book collection is unique and amazing. All types of books are available in the modesty collection; the Modesty collection this time brings you our exclusive collection of AL Quran al Kareem in Uthmani print. AL Quran AL KAREEM is completely in Arabic without any translation inside it. Quran is the holy book of Islam; it should always be read systematically.


Al Quran Al Kareem in the Modesty collection is available in different color covers and sizes, which are not available everywhere as their stock is mostly limited. Still, you will always find them in the modesty books collection. You will get this book here at less than the market price.


AL QURAN AL KAREEM is available in different sizes. It is very light in weight, and it can be carried everywhere comfortably. Each page has 15 lines. Al Quran al Kareem is also available in very small sizes in six different colors and 4.5×5.5×2.5 cm size.

Print- Uthmani script

Colors- All these books are available in different colors, such as green, pink, blue, purple, golden, etc., that look beautiful and attractive.

Language- Arabic. Its Arabic text is very clear and big.

Quality and design

The quality of the pages and cover of the book is very good, and the cover design is so attractive and unique. The paper used to print this book is of very high quality, and its background is light but with hardcover, due to which these are durable, and the letters are extremely bold and clear so that people of all ages can read it easily.

Attractive cover pages

These books are available with attractive cover pages.

Unique gift 

These books are unique ideas to give as a gift; you can give your friends and relatives kids on different occasions like Ramazan, Eid, etc. This is a great gift for all Muslims of all ages.


All these books available by modesty are greatly priced than the books available in the market. It comes in your budget, so it is budget-friendly.

AL QURAN AL KAREEM is available in many different color cover pages and sizes; you can easily buy this book from the modesty collection.

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